Laura’s Book

The Impact of Laura’s Book

The process of selecting images to lift my sister’s spirits during her battle with breast cancer proved to be a perspective changing experience for me. The collection started as a box of 20 prints to help my sister through the hours of chemotherapy. The collection was so well received by the nurses and others she encouraged me to expand it to a book. Through the process of expanding the collection with Laura’s help it became apparent to me that good was coming from their beauty. The notion that my images could help, were helping, someone in a very dark place was eye-opening. My images, that had simply begun as a meditation on my physical surroundings, which were created with out “meaning”, had become meaningful.

Being schooled during the hey-day of Post-Modernism was an exciting opportunity when one felt compelled to do socio-political work but it was very restrictive when one felt compelled to do something less directed, and maybe just formal, and dare I say “pretty”. I have consistently undervalued my “pretty” work and now I am finding my way to a place where the images having meaning and value without being motivated by some “profound” insight or idea.

The book can be purchased via Blurb – Prints are also available for purchase. This is a small portion of the book.


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